What is The Big Data Technology

Big Data is data to characterize very large, very varied, fast-growing and may not need to be treated specially structured with innovative technology to obtain in-depth information and can help in making a better decision.

 Big Data technology was created to handle the four features above. So if your data has a characteristic only or some combination of the above characteristics, of course, can take advantage of Big Data technologies available on the market.

The above definition is a compilation of Gartner's definition - a research and consulting firm in IT is very famous in the world and is based in the US - and several other organizations that add an element of high-definition veracity into Gartner.

What's the Big Data Technology

Big Data technology is a technology that allows data processing to the four traits above. Before the advent of this technology, data processing is almost always done by a programmer and very time consuming.

This process aims to every business, organization or individual that is capable of processing such data can get more in-depth information (insights) that will trigger a decision (decision making) and action (action) businesses that rely on these insights, not by instinct alone.

Did you know that the data receipt owned by retail companies can use to examine the behavior of consumers?

Thus, the data from each transaction receipt must contain a combination of the products you buy, the amount and price. The entire transaction data is then searched spending patterns to answer the question: a combination of two or three which products are most often purchased by consumers.

From the results of the information there are some exciting action that can be done, including: preparing shopfitting so that two or three products are close together so easily accessible by consumers and can be decided to be bought quickly. It could then make a promotional package in which the combination of these products are sold cheaper.

This action is proven to increase sales significantly and reduce the problem of inventory / stock.

Initially, these problems look easy and can be solved with a spreadsheet program such as Excel. However, do you know if you have 1000 items SKUs (product) of the receipt of the transaction then you already have 999 000 combinations of two products that need to be checked back into the transaction data.

How much time do you need to use a spreadsheet? Two weeks? A month? However, when combined with the use of data mining technologies may only take a few seconds or maybe longer than 1 hour.