What is Virtual Private Sserver (vps)

 | VPS or Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server is a server that is divided into several virtual servers that can be installed OS and its own applications. VPS or VDS itself is a technology that allows a computer (server) with a very large hardware resource capacity can be divided into several independent virtual computers.

VPS can run like a Dedicated Server and can also install a separate operating system (OS) and can set the virtual computer without disturbing the other virtual computers. VPS or VDS also has many uses, including:

Hosting or Webserver
VPS is often used as a webserver for hosting or for various types of webserver, such as Commercial Web, Government Institution, or Organization. Because, hosting or webserver in general use a large resource and by using VPS / VDS is able to sufficient resources.

File Server
Set VPS as the data center for your business. Always available whenever you want to place and retrieve it. Cloud VPS which provides unlimited bandwidth for all types of VPS that make sending files and receiving files more convenient.

Game Server
With low latency makes internet speed becomes faster. VPS provides VPS with low latency and very suitable as Game Server. So that the game users you create become more comfortable.
Basics VPS

Here is basic information that you can know more about VPS :

VPS works like a separate server.
VPS has processes, users, files and provides full root access.
Each VPS has its own ip address, port number, tables, filtering and routing rules.
VPS can configure files for system and software applications.
Each VPS can have system libraries or convert it into one of the other system libraries.
Each VPS can delete, add, modify any file, including files that are in the root, and install the application software itself or configure the root application software.
In a VPS, allocate server resources include CPU Core, CPU Usage, RAM, and Storage or storage space.

Specification of a VPS itself is various, both in terms of Hard disk, its memory, type of processor, the choice of operating system (Windows / Linux / etc). VPS is connected to the internet for 24 hours at high speed so that every user can easily access it. VPS is typically accessed via a personal computer using the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) software that is usually already available on WINDOWS operating system.

VPS comes with its own settings for init scripts, users, processing, filesystems and so on. VPS works like a separate server having processes, users, files and providing full root access. Each VPS has its own ip address, port number, tables, filtering and routing rules. VPS can also configure files for system and software applications.
With your Vps as a user no longer need to take care of this Virtual Server, because the company of VPS providers will take care of periodically as well as upgrade the OS, RAM, and so on

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